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Back to Basics for Classics

November 12, 2016 • admin

Classical Music  is a general term that normally is a term that refers to the standard music in the Western part of the world. The Classical Musci is a music that was composed by trained musicians, some of them even trained for a decade. It can be described as the art music although the term is not really used in the classical period. The term also include the types of music that are serious which is not technically speaking a classical music. You should know that classical music actually differs from the pop music, since it is not made to be a popular song or music and it is not made to have a commercial purpose. It is also different from folk music in a sense that it not made up of some ordinary members of some society, and definitely is learned by the next generations just by listening, copying and dancing to the music.


So Generally What is the meaning of Classic?

In layman’s term, the word classic technically means an art, which is considered too good that it will never fail to be enjoyed by everyone, including the future generation. It has become a model for the future artists. During the period of ancient greece and Rome which are the popularly known Classical Period, and after many centuries after the Classical Period, the people have been looking back to the ancient civilization and everyone thinks that is it indeed perfect.


The 18th century which is known as the classical period because apparently, the musicians, the artists, the philosophers and the writers that time have inspired the art forms of our Classical Period in the Ancient Greece and Rome. The thing about it is that everytime someone hear the word ‘Classic’ you will always have the impression that it is timely and will always be remembered and never will be forgotten.


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