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Heads Up For Some Classics: Classical Jewelries

November 29, 2016 • admin


These days, people tend to buy off classical jewelries at some Online Jewelry Auction. But did you know that the most classical jewelries up to these days are the jewelries produced during the Hellenistic Era. The reason for this is because the Hellenistic Era has produced tons of very detailed, intricate and the most elaborated jewelry in the greek world or even in the world.


The gold Greek jewelries were actually almost never worn and were just used for the public appearances or just on special occasions. Most of the time, even during the Greek era, Greek jewelries are given as a gift and pretty much worn by woman to show off their social status, beauty and wealth. The older pieces of the gold Jewelries that where found today were actually dedicated to the Gods. The largest production of the Gold Greek Jewelry during these times were said to have came from the Northern Greece and Macedon. Though it might have been said and pretty imminent that the use of Gold and silver with some ivory and gems were made as jewelries before, some said that bronze and clay copies were made as well.


These days, the jewelries from the Jewelry Online Auctions are made of gold and have lots of different stones. But during the earlier Greek Era, jewelries are made of beads shaped as a shell and animals, it was only around 1,400 B.C. when they started using gold and jems in the jewelries. And when the 300 B.C. arrived, the Greeks are already experts in jewelry making of colored gold jewelries using the materials such as emerald, pearls and amethysts. At this point in time, the first sightings of the cameos are believed to have appeared during this time. It is said that the greeks created them using the Indian Sardonyx which is a stone with a striped brown pink and cream agate.

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